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Asteroid real escape game

  • players: 2-6
  • duration: 60 minutes
  • difficulty: medium
  • Fear level: not scary
  • Age: 12+ (7+ accompanied by an adult)

The action takes place in near future. You are recruits of space patrol, and you found an Asteroid rushing to the Earth! Your task is to plant a bomb on the Asteroid and save our planet. However, as it turned out, there is a mysterious laboratory, and you are the prisoners of it! Dare you to complete the mission?

What awaits you in the quest

7 rooms

88 м2

Technological puzzles

Automatic hatches and traps

Exciting plot

The fate of the entire planet is in your hands


Simulated flight

Reviews Asteroid real escape game

We chose this quest because one of our players was English-speaking. This turned out to be the most extraordinary experience! Hard to say what amazed us the most: be that the diversity and originality of tasks, the smooth flow of the story, the logical and challenging nature of riddles, the exciting atmosphere of the surrounding locations... just every aspect of it was top notch! Overal, the quest was rather difficult for us, which made our victory so rewarding! I especially want to thank the organizer of this quest who was very welcoming, friendly and polite to us and our foreign friend, who took care to give his thorough explanations and small hints in both Russian and English. He seemed like someone who goes extra mile for his guests! I wish your quest prosperity :) Thanks again for this memorable adventure!

- Vera Rimmer

Reviews Asteroid real escape game

Awesome, we died though ;-) Created, built, and run by the same guy: good effort, way to go!!!! Good scenario and hard enough to let adults have fun, eventhough we died ;-) I recommend to go and have fun between two visits, and survive the quest before the bomb explode!

- Alya Karuchina

0 Astronaut suits
0 unique rooms
0 amazing puzzles
0 square meters of adventure


Weekdays10:30 - 15:00
600 rubperson
The planet needs your help
Weekdays16:30 - 22:30
750 rubperson
Time To Kick Some Asteroid
Weekends10:30 - 22:30
1000 rubperson
Take the Ride of Your Life!
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+7-921-905-52-98 2-6 players 60 minutes metro Chernyshevskaya, nab. Kutuzova, 30